Ethnic minorities’ traditional values find place in schools

Schools in Cao Lộc district in northern Lạng Sơn province have included a range of extra-curricular activities on ethnic minority groups’ traditional performances and games, with a view to raising awareness among local children about valuing and preserving their distinctive traditions.

Students at Cong Son Primary and Secondary School in mountainous Cong Son commune in Cao Loc district, Lang Son province, gather together every Wednesday to celebrate the beautiful traditional customs of the Dao ethnic minority group. There they communicate in the Dao language, play traditional games, and practice Pa Dung singing - a traditional art form of the ethnic group, during break times.

Located in the disadvantaged commune of Cong Son in Cao Loc district, Cong Son Primary and Secondary School now educates 199 students, all of whom are from the Dao ethnic minority group. In order to raise awareness about upholding traditional Dao values, the school has set up clubs for Pa Dung singing and making traditional outfits.

Sixteen other educational institutions in Cao Loc district also integrate the cultural traits of local ethnic minorities into their lessons and extracurricular activities, in the expectation that students will take greater pride in their group and uphold its traditional values./.