Exhibition celebrates timeless beauty of silk paintings

An exhibition has been held recently in Ho Chi Minh City, drawing the participation of artists and art lovers passionate about silk paintings.

Silk painting boasts a rich history, particularly in Asian countries such as Japan, China, and Vietnam.

Modern Vietnamese silk painting emerged in the 1930s through artists associated with the Indochina Fine Arts School, producing notable works that have significantly influenced Vietnamese fine arts. Many of these artworks and artists have gained acclaim on the global stage.

This year's "Silk" exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City featured over 100 works, primarily by artists currently studying at the Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Association.

The exhibition showcased a diverse range of creative styles, all united by a distinctly Asian aesthetic that reflects each artist's emotions and aspirations.

The "Silk" exhibition celebrates life's beauty and Vietnam's landscapes through the eyes of Vietnamese artists. This approach not only captures the charm of everyday moments but also provides a platform for artists and art enthusiasts, enriching daily life with meaningful beauty./.