The time-honoured cultural and artistic traditions of China’s Guangdong province are being introduced at an exhibition that opened in the Hanoi-based Ho Chi Minh Museum on August 22.

More than 100 photos and documents on display cover the main themes of arts, handicraft, architecture and folk customs.

The exhibition gives visitors a glimpse of Guangdong ’s Guangzhou city, which is famous for special types of arts such as drama, music, dance, circus and calligraphy, as well as sophisticated handicrafts like embroidery and ivory and wood carving.

Meanwhile, architectural works that are a combination of Western and Eastern styles in Guangdong city are featured at the event. Photos of monasteries and pagodas built under the Ming and Qing dynasties are displayed beside those of the 103-storey TV tower and the International Finance Centre.

The event is co-organised by the Ho Chi Minh Museum and the Guangdong Revolutionary History Museum.-VNA