Exhibition on legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail opens

Nam Giang district and the Quang Nam Museum, in coordination with the Nam Giang District People’s Committee, opened the “Legend of Truong Son” exhibition on May 16.

On display are over 150 artefacts, documents, photos, and wartime items such as weapons, uniforms, and military equipment.

The “Legend of Truong Son” exhibition recreates the sacrifices and hardships of those, who “carved through Truong Son [the Central Highlands] to save the country,” dedicating their youth to the Ho Chi Minh Trail during the nation’s resistance war.

The exhibition recalled the heroic struggle and significant contributions of forces fighting along the Trail, particularly the 150 km stretch passing through Quang Nam province.

It is an opportunity to honour the soldiers and youth volunteers of the past, and to recall the nation’s proud traditions through its two wars of national defence./.