The bilateral defence collaboration, regarding military engineering, trade, human resources training, and weapon supply, among others, is a highlight of the exhibition.

Notable artifacts on display include the volunteer application form by Lieutenant Colonel Nikolai Petrovich of the Soviet army sent to the Vietnamese Ministry of National Defence wishing to go to Vietnam to fight against the US on December 3, 1966; and a Konvas camcorder produced by the Soviet Union and provided for Vietnam in 1963 for filming documentaries about the nation's resistance war.

Featuring nearly 200 photos, materials, and items, the event showcases Russia’s significant, timely and effective support for Vietnam’s fight for independence and national construction in the past as well as the cooperation between the two nations’ parties, governments, parliaments, and localities.

Visitors to the event, which will last until December 5, are required to seriously follow COVID-19 prevention and control measures./.