Exhibition sheds light on education system under Nguyen Dynasty

An online exhibition is being held online to mark the opening of the new school year 2021-2022. Through the precious materials on display, the younger generation will gain a better understanding of Vietnamese feudal education and its enduring achievements.

The exhibition, entitled “Education of the Nguyen Dynasty - Remaining Echoes”, introduces to viewers more than 100 unique documents selected from the precious collection of Records of Royal and Woodblocks of the Nguyen Dynasty (1802-1945) that are currently being kept at the National Archives Centre 1.

It features five topics, including the school opening ceremony, the Nguyen Dynasty’s schools, the teachers, the study and examinations, and talent nourishment.

The materials and images on display will help viewers gain a more detailed understanding of the study and exams well as the relationship between teachers and students under the Nguyen Dynasty.

Tran Thi Mai Huong, Director of the National Archives Centre I under the Department of State Records and Archives, said: "Genuine evidence from archival documents shows the importance of education during the Nguyen Dynasty, especially during the reign of Emperor Tu Duc."

A highlight of the exhibition is a short film titled “Educational Path”, which is synthesised from 100 valuable documents from Nguyen Dynasty woodblocks, bringing back the atmosphere of the Nguyen Dynasty hundreds of years ago.

Huong said teachers were not only responsible for teaching but are also representatives of etiquette and morality. They were examples for students as well as all of society to follow in leading a noble lifestyle.

The exhibition also introduces the school system under the Nguyen Dynasty, which was arranged systematically from the central to local level and from higher education to general education.

According to the organising committee, the Records of Royal and Woodblocks also showcases the important role of teachers under the Nguyen Dynasty.

The feudal educational achievements of the Nguyen Dynasty (1802-1945) went down in history, but the fairness and rigor of the examinations, the way of training in a spirit of study, and the cultivation of morality and personality in the old days are still valuable today./.