Exhibition shines light on relics from Dong Son Culture

The Hanoi Museum is hosting an exhibition entitled “Echoes” showcasing nearly 100 valuable artefacts, images, and documents dating back over 2,000 years of the nation’s history, from the era of the Hung Kings to the Dong Son Culture. The exhibition marks the Hung King’s death anniversary in 2024 and the 100th anniversary of Dong Son Culture research in Vietnam.

The Co Loa Drum, a national treasure and part of Dong Son Culture, was unearthed in Co Loa commune, Dong Anh district, in Hanoi in 1982. Adorned with various patterns, the drum offers a glimpse into the lives of residents during the Dong Son Culture period.

Among the 100 precious documents and artefacts on display, visitors can almost hear the “Echoes” from the Dong Son period thousands of years ago.

According to experts, the Dong Son Culture existed from the 7th century BC to the 1st-2nd centuries AD.

The discovery of hundreds of relics provides evidence of its origin and development, from pre-Dong Son Culture to its peak and the Dai Viet civilisation.

The bronze casting techniques of this era achieved remarkable perfection, with bronze drums encapsulating scientific knowledge, human talent, and the spirit of the Vietnamese people.

Alongside the exhibition, the Hanoi Museum also hosted a seminar featuring products rooted in indigenous culture, entitled “Driving force for Vietnam’s cultural industry”, and other experiential activities./.