Exotic fruits much sought after for Tet holiday

With favourable natural conditions, the Mekong delta region is home to diverse fruit species. When Tet (Lunar New Year) comes, exotic fruits are offered for sales to serve people’s demand.

A few years ago, Ngo Van Tam, a farmer in My Tho city, Tien Giang province, was so impressed by giant pomelos which his friend grew that he asked for seeds to plant in his backyard. Those few first trees have grown into 50 so far. Their fruits bring him some 5,200 USD whenever Tet comes.

As its name tells, giant pomelos are huge, weighing about seven to eight kilograms. Their size, as believed by many Vietnamese people, represents wealth and health, making them a hot item during Tet.

Red is the traditional colour of Tet holiday. Therefore, exotic red fruits are much sought after for Tet holiday. Understanding customers’ demand, farmers in the Mekong delta region have introduced red pineapples to the market in recent years. Since its first presentation, the fruit has become a trend for Tet holiday.

According to insiders, Lunar New Year is the most bustling time of fruit market due to a long-held ritual of offering fruit trays to gods and ancestors by Vietnamese people. Everyone wants an eye-catching fruit tray to please the almighty gods and their forefathers with a hope that they will bless them throughout the lunar year./.