Exploring Cat Tien National Park

In recent times, Cat Tien National Park has emerged as one of Vietnam's standout destinations, earning names such as "World Biosphere Reserve" and "Home of Animals" on the prestigious IUCN Green List. Join us for more details in the following report.

Spanning over 71,000 hectares across Dong Nai, Lam Dong, and Binh Phuoc provinces, Cat Tien is renowned for its biodiversity, home to endangered species like Asian elephants, Gaur, black-shanked douc, and Javan pangolin.

Bầu Sấu, designated as Vietnam's second Ramsar site in 2005, hosts over 600 species of rare freshwater crocodiles.

Beyond its fauna, the park boasts a lush flora, including some ancient trees dating back over 500 years, with massive trunks and sprawling roots.

Moreover, the park houses three dedicated rescue areas committed to wildlife conservation, underscoring its role as a hub of biodiversity preservation in Vietnam.

At Cat Tien National Park, visitors embark on a journey through ancient forests, where they encounter a wide array of species, and enjoy the beauty of the mountains. They will find relaxation and a deeper appreciation for the nature./.