Two cargo ships, Panama-flagged Ultra Tronador and Hanoi Vinacomin from Vietnam, are the first vessels to receive consignments of coal in the Year of the Snake at Cam Pha port on February 10.

Following a traditional Vietnamese docking ceremony, Cam Pha Port and Logistics Company, and Cua Ong Recruitment Company loaded 18,000 tonnes and 7,500 tonnes of Hon Gai coal dust onto the Panamanian and Vietnamese vessels respectively.

In January, the port received 67 ships and 328 barges with more than 1.8 million tonnes of coal - 600,000 tonnes for export and 1.2 million tonnes for domestic use.

In 2013, The Vietnam National Coal-Mineral Industries Corporation (Vinacomin) will strive to produce and sell 43 million tonnes of coal, 3.8 million tonnes more than last year, including 27 million tonnes for domestic use. Cam Pha Port and Logistics Company expects to export 23 million tonnes.-VNA