Vietnam's first official force specialising in overseeing fishery operations in the country's seas will make debut this month, according to Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Vu Van Tam.

Fishery control force is a civil force with the main function of checking and inspecting fishery activities in the country’s sea areas to protect fishermen at sea and handle fishery violations.

Following a recently-issued Government decree, the force will conduct regular sea patrols and monitor fishery activities. Members of the forces will have authority to impose penalties on local and foreign fishing organisations and individuals operating within Vietnam's seas.

They will also be involved in disaster prevention and control as well as search and rescue activities.

The force is responsible for cooperating with the naval, border guard and marine police forces in dealing with specific cases.

In the immediate future, the fishery control force will be set up at the central level, with four regional divisions coming next. The fishery control division in the Tonkin Gulf will be the first to start operation.-VNA