Flowers in Northwestern region entrance tourists

Flowers in Northwestern region entrance tourists

    Every year, when spring comes, the mountainous area of Son La is blanketed by various kinds of flowers, especially apricot and plum blossoms. The flowers beautify the region and also aid local tourism.

      The pure white colour of apricot and plum blossoms is seen all across the mountains and hills of Son La province, enhancing the natural beauty of the area during the first days of spring

        The beautiful scenery has enticed many people to visit the locality.

          The province has about 2,600 hectares of plums with an estimated output of 25,000 tonnes of fruit for each crop. In recent years, plum trees have become a key crop, helping locals tackle poverty.

            Son La is known as the land of apricot and plum blossom flowers, and the province is also home to many big hydropower plants.

              If its natural advantages are well-exploited, it will help boost tourism, contributing to increasing local’s incomes and living standards./.