Fishermen uncovered one more sunken ship located about 50 metres from the coast of Binh Chau commune, Binh Son district, the central province of Quang Ngai on August 19.

This is the fourth ancient ship discovered in the waters of Binh Chau commune since 1998, when the first one was found. It contains many intact artifacts.

After the ship discovery, the police and border guards were timely present to protect the scene.

Deputy Director of the Quang Ngai museum Dr. Doan Ngoc Khoi said the four ancient ships in Binh Chau’s waters prove that the area used to be visited by many boats in ancient times and many others have not been found in the area.

Earlier on August 16, also in this waters, local fishermen discovered a sunken ship from the 16th century containing a number of porcelain bowls and plates.

In June, the Doan Anh Duong Company unearthed a 700 year-old intact ship in the waters of Binh Chau commune with 4,000 antiques inside.-VNA