Hanoi nears finish line for F1 race preparations

Hanoi is working to finalise preparations for its first Formula One race which will take place in April in the capital city.

Contractors have been working day and night to ensure progress of the work.

The F1 track has basically been completed, and the pit wall and stands are finished.

Parking lots will be set up on several streets. They are able to handle 11,450 cars.

The F1 Vietnam Grand Prix has a length of 5,607m, including 23 corners designed by Tilke Group of Germany.

Vietnam’s Formula 1 race will take place from April 3 -5. This is the third leg of the season, after Melbourne (Australia) and Bahrain.

As one of the largest and most prestigious sporting events on the planet, F1 will enhance the capital’s position as a truly global city and a destination for world-class experiences./.