Since 2019, most communes and towns in Duc Trong district have converted large areas of barren, low-yielding coffee area to growing mulberry trees and vegetables. The district now has more than 11,200 hectares of high-tech agricultural production area. Many areas growing fruit and vegetables in greenhouses generate high incomes.

This is just one of the cooperatives and cooperative groups applying scientific and technical advances in production under VietGap and GlobalGap standards. It not only contributes to improving product competitiveness but also helps increase farmer incomes.

Every year, Duc Trong district supplies 30,000 tonnes of quality vegetables and coffee products to both domestic and foreign markets. The expansion of post-harvest processing of agricultural products is of particular interest.

The agricultural sector occupies an important position and role in Duc Trong’s economic structure, with an annual proportion of 31-32%. The application of technology in production has contributed to ensuring the sustainable development of the local agricultural sector, reducing the rate of fallow agricultural land and improving production value./.