The afternoon of October 9, 1954, at Long Bien Bridge.

The last French soldiers withdrawing from Hanoi.

An end to more than 70 years of French military occupation of Hanoi.

On October 10, 1954, the 308th Battalion, led by the Capital Regiment, entered the inner city of Hanoi. The entire capital shook from being completely liberated.

Early on October 10 morning, residents wore their best clothes, brought flags and portraits of President Ho Chi Minh, and went out onto the streets, where it was announced that Vietnamese soldiers would come to welcome them.

At 8am, from the west of Hanoi, soldiers from the Capital Regiment, leading the infantry, paraded down streets to the Hanoi Citadel.

From the south, the infantry began at Vietnam Campus then went through Bach Mai Street, Hue Street, Trang Tien Street, the Naval Station, and the Dau Xao area. Following the infantry, a group of vehicles and artillery started at Bach Mai, Hue, Hang Ngang and Hang Dao streets, heading to Cua Bac or the North Gate.

On the afternoon of October 10, all residents focused on a flag ceremony held by the City Troops Committee.

At 3pm sharp on the same day, in the jubilant atmosphere of liberation, a historic flag-raising ceremony was held by the City Military Commission in the flagpole yard.

October 10 marked a significant milestone for Vietnam, opening up a new period of development in the history of the capital in particular and the country in general./.