A night market will be organised during the up-coming Hue Festival 2014, the biennial cultural event, which is scheduled to take place on April 12 in the former capital city of Hue.

The market will feature stands and stores displaying authentic Hue dishes and traditional craft products for luring more visitors to stay back in the city at night, according to Ngo Anh Tuan, the deputy chairman of the city People's Committee.

The dishes in the offering will be bun bo (Hue-style spicy beef noodles), com hen (rice with mussels), banh khoai (fried rice crepes), and various types of che (sweet pudding).

Craft products of enamel, wood carving, bronze casting, conical hat, handmade embroidery, and bamboo and rattan knitting will also be on display.

The visitors will be able to explore the local culture through live traditional music performances, folk games, and the local artisans will also demonstrate craft techniques and authentic culinary skills at the market.

The organisers also provide traditional medical check-ups and herbal medicinal services aimed at offering an insight into the medical system that was available to the royal families in the past.

The night market will have a trial run during the event, and a decision will be taken for its permanent location based on the success of the event.

The market will occupy the open spaces next to the fencing walls of the former Royal Palace, comprising three of its sides, including west, north, and east.

The eastern side will be illuminated with hundreds of lanterns.

All vehicles will be banned on the streets that border the market areas, and only pedestrians will be allowed to access the area.

Earlier, the city authorities set up a night market on a pedestrian street along the poetic Perfume River and leased it to a private company.

The locals became furious as the market had become as messy as a flea market, selling cheap Chinese products, instead of the local specialties and craft products.

The locals hope that this time, the night market will comply with the initial plan and make Hue truly appealing at night.

Themed “Cultural Heritage with Integration and Development”, the festival is slated to take place from April 12-20 in the imperial city. As many as 40 art troupes from 31 countries across the world have so far registered to join the event.

The festival is part the East Asian-Latin American cultural exchange forum held by Vietnam’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It will feature an Ao dai show and exhibitions featuring Hue kite flying, calligraphy, food demos and street performance, among others.

Vietnam will, for the first time, welcome world famous guests such as Brazil’s Sururu Na Roda band, Japan’s Bati-Holic drum troupe, and the Palestinian folk dance collective Asayel at the event.

The festival will highlight Nha Nhac – the royal court music and dance of Hue which has been named by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. A similar variant of this elegant music is popular in Japan, where it is known as “Gegaku”, and also expected to be highlighted at the event.-VNA