Jakarta (VNA) Indonesian police have recently smashed a drug smuggling ring, seizing 2.5 tonnes of methamphetamine which were being transported to the country from Afghanistan.

The haul is estimated to be worth 82 million USD.

One suspect was shot dead while 17 others, including a Nigerian, were arrested during a series of police raids in Aceh province and Jakarta capital in recent weeks.

Police said that some of the meth had been placed inside food containers and then hidden in boats or lockers on land.

The Southeast Asian country has become a key destination and transit point for international drug trafficking.

In 2018, Indonesian police said two separate busts resulted in the seizure of about 3 tonnes of methamphetamine coming from Taiwan (China).

This month, 13 members of a trafficking ring, including three Iranians and a Pakistani, were sentenced to death for smuggling 400kg of methamphetamine into Indonesia./.