Indonesia detains Chinese boat for illegal fishing hinh anh 1Illustrative Image (Source:
Jakarta (VNA) – An Indonesian navy warship captured a Chinese boat and its crew members for illegal fishing in Indonesian territorial waters bordering the East Sea on June 18.

According to Indonesia’s navy spokesman Edi Sucipto, the seizure occurred when navy warship KRI Imam Bonjol-383 took on a duty to chase 12 foreign fishing boats which were illegally fishing in the Natuna Sea areas.

The captured boat has seven crewmen who are all Chinese nationals. 

Indonesia has recently intensified its capability to protect its islands and waters, especially the Natuna Islands and surrounding seas which, the country says, are within its Exclusive Economic Zone. 

The “thousands islands” country has deployed about 800 military personnel in the Natuna area. The number will rise to about 2,000 this year.-VNA