Indonesia to build its first spaceport hinh anh 1A rocket takes off into the sky (Source: Shutterstock/Alones)

Jakarta (VNA) – Indonesia plans to construct its first spaceport in Biak, Papua, to serve the country’s rocket test launches, the country’s National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN) has confirmed.

LAPAN flight and aerospace study centre head Robertus Heru Trijahyanto said Indonesia will build the spaceport following LAPAN’s existing rocket launch site in South Garut on West Java. However, it will be bigger so that it can be used for larger test launches.

Biak was chosen because the regency’s vast area was deemed ideal to support LAPAN’s plan to conduct larger tests in 2024, he added.

Meanwhile, LAPAN Chairman Thomas Djamaluddin said the planned new spaceport would help Indonesia master the technology and operation for satellite launches.

LAPAN can already make satellites of its own, he said, adding the next target is to launch a satellite using Indonesian-made rockets from a spaceport in the country.

The first stage of construction is expected to be completed before 2024, Djamaluddin said, adding that the spaceport would be constructed with the help of international partners./.