Jakarta (VNA) – Indonesia said it plans to establish a centre for human evolution, adaptation, and dispersal studies in Southeast Asia.

Initiated by the Indonesian government and supported by other Southeast Asian countries, such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand, the centre will serve as a single platform for researches, scientific publications, conservation programmes, as well as experts and students exchanges.

The UNESCO is expected to host a general conference next November to discuss Indonesia’s proposal on the establishment of the research centre.

If supported by the UNESCO, the centre will receive numerous benefits in terms of expert network and technical support.

If the UN body decides otherwise, the centre will continue to operate, said Cultural Director General Hilmar Farid.

Harry Widianto, Director of the Ministry of Education and Culture’s cultural heritage and museum, noted that Indonesia submitted the proposal to UNESCO three years ago.

He said the centre is planned to be fully operational by 2018.-VNA