Journey to discover legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail

Quang Bình province in central Vietnam boasts natural wonders such as Son Doong Cave, and also holds hidden stories of the legendary Truong Son Mountain Range, the birthplace of the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Road N20 Quyet Thang, a crucial link between East and West Truong Son, now offers a new option for tourists.

Road 20 Quyet Thang, which runs for 125 km, was a vital supply route to the southern battlefields, enduring millions of tons of bombs and shells from US forces. Hundreds of fiery coordinates and thousands of officers and soldiers who bravely sacrificed their lives are commemorated along the route.

Today, the road is dotted with memorials that honor the heroics of previous generations.

Tourists can visit various historical sites along Route 20 Quyết Thắng, such as the Trường Sơn Martyrs Memorial and the Vietnam-Laos Border Marker 543.

Visitors can also stop by Tuộc Village, home to the Ma Coong ethnic people, and enjoy dishes of the community.

In addition to exploring historical and cultural sites, the journey to discover the legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail also takes visitors into the vast Trường Sơn forest, which has returned to lush green after being devastated by bombs 50 years ago.

Visitors can also visit Bụt Waterfall, where Ma Coong girls bathe before participating in the Drum Beating Festival.

The journey to discover the legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail is also a journey back to history, to revisit glorious memories and remember those who sacrificed for the nation./.