Khmer villages in Soc Trang province given facelift

With over 30% of its population being from the Khmer ethnic group, Soc Trang province is home to the largest such community in Vietnam. In recent years, their material and spiritual lives have been improved thanks to Party and State policies on the economic development of ethnic areas.

Khmer people in Thuan Hung commune, My Tu district, live mainly on rice cultivation and cattle farming. Thanks to local assistance policies, such as preferential loans for production and housing, the number of poor households in the Khmer community has fallen to less than 4%.

This year, Mr. Trần Cos’s family in Thạnh Trị district celebrated the traditional Chôl Chnăm Thmây festival amid great joy and abundance thanks to a successful Winter-Spring rice crop, which yielded profits of over 60 million VND (2,400 USD) per hectare, a 30% increase compared to the previous crop. He is also delighted with improvements in local infrastructure.

The number of poor households in the Khmer community in Soc Trang province has fallen to 3.86%. All communes, wards, towns, and hamlets have access to the national power grid, while 99.65% of ethnic households have access to hygienic water for daily use. The lives of the Khmer people are being gradually improved./.