Lai Chau developing cultivation area for medicinal crops

Farmers on Sin Ho Plateau in the northern mountainous province of Lai Chau have shifted from inefficient crops to the cultivation of key medicinal crops. Agricultural processing facilities have been gradually set up locally, bringing high economic value for farmers.

Finding markets for local products is challenging for most localities, and can determine whether farmers should expand their cultivation areas. However, the medicinal products from Sin Ho Plateau in Lai Chau province have received a warm welcome from customers.

Authorities in Sin Ho district have worked to help residents capitalise on the locality’s natural strengths to develop high-value agricultural products. Local farmers have applied advanced technologies to production to improve product quality and ensure they meet stringent market standards.

Rural areas need to be developed based on their strengths and favourable conditions and have appropriate strategies adopted by local authorities. With key products being branched out on Sin Ho Plateau, Lai Chau province is also moving to assist local poverty alleviation efforts./.