Lao Cai implements employment policies for ethnic people

The effective management of labor across borders in Lao Cai province has helped create jobs for local workers, mainly ethnic people, contributing to pushing back cross-border illegal labor trade.

Since 2017, the Lao Cai Employment Service Centre has sent more than 940 local labourers to work in Yunnan, China, 820 workers are from ethnic groups.

Lao Cai has 10 Employment Service Centre in 9 districts and cities, with the function of connecting and providing labor market information. From 2016 to September 2019, Lao Cai created jobs for 51,260 workers, including 30,000 ethnic labourers.

Promoting these results, from now to 2025, Lao Cai aims to shift 20,120 employees from agriculture to industry, construction and services and seek ways to promote employment service activities, expand labor markets, and boost labor exports./.