Lao Cai launches week of ethnic groups’ traditional outfits

The Lao Cai Provincial People’s Committee has launched a week showcasing traditional outfits worn by local ethnic groups. This is the first year the northern mountainous province has organised the event.

The week, which will last until April 19, received an enthusiastic response from local officials, students, and people from all walks of life.

Lao Cai is now home to 41 national intangible cultural heritages, and two representative heritages of humanity, including the heritage of traditional national outfits and outfit making.

In recent years, Lao Cai has actively and proactively preserved and promoted the traditional cultural values of its ethnic groups. However, in the current context of integration and development, traditional outfits are at risk of falling into oblivion.

In the 2021-2023 period, Lao Cai organised more than 30 classes to pass on skills and techniques in creating traditional outfits and patterns, with the participation of artisans and the local community. The province also built 6 models to preserve patterns, jewellery, and ethnic outfits./.