Local market developed into unique tourism product in Ninh Binh

Beyond introducing local high-quality and environmentally-friendly products, the “Chợ tỉnh” market fair in Ninh Binh province has brought Vietnamese culture closer to visitors from far and wide.

Organised for the sixth time since October 2022, the market waxes nostalgic with decorations harking back to a bygone era. All booths are made from bamboo and all sellers dress in traditional outfits like the long dress and southern blouse. The market is even more vibrant with calligraphy and folk game spaces.

Unlike other market fairs, where trading is viewed as the most important activity, “Chợ tỉnh” is an exhibition of standout products that illustrate young people’s passion for sustainable production and innovative startups.

Businesses introduce visitors to the process of making showcased products and their cultural values.

With a view to creating a playground for micro and small businesses and establishments, Ninh Binh has taken “Chợ tỉnh” to other localities like Hanoi and Ha Nam province. Highlighting green practices, the market encourages visitors and sellers to reduce the use of plastic bags.

“Chợ tỉnh” has made significant contributions to keeping traditional culture alive, urging visitors far and wide to join hands to promote and preserve traditional values./.