Everyone has their own methods of fulfilling their responsibility to their community. Youngsters in Bac Giang province, for instance, have been actively contributing to the new-style rural area development in their hometown. 


Since the pesticide-specific concrete disposal units showed up in Bac Giang province, local farmers have no longer been dumping toxic substances into the surrounding environment. The air certainly feels fresher now thanks to the local youth union’s initiative.

Hop Thinh commune, Hiep Hoa district has three requirements it must fulfil to qualify as a new-style rural area. With a desire to develop their hometown, local youngsters have carried out numerous infrastructure projects in order to help the locality meet requirements.

The so-called “civilised route” on Tran Nguyen Han road is an initiative by the local youth union. The youngsters not only refurbish the road but also limit illegal ads on nearby walls.

With the boundless energy and determination, youngsters in Bac Giang province have actively contributed to giving their hometown a needed facelift. –VNA