Maius Philharmonic to perform with Korean artists

The Maius Philharmonic Orchestra will perform with Korean artists to celebrate its ninth birthday at the Hanoi Opera House on September 30.
Maius Philharmonic to perform with Korean artists ảnh 1Korean artist Kim So-hyan and conductor Luu Quang Minh (holding flowers) pose with the Maius Philharmonic Orchestra at a press conference on Thursday in Hanoi (Source: VNA)

Hanoi (VNS/VNA) - The Maius Philharmonic Orchestra will perform with Korean artists to celebrate its ninth birthday at the Hanoi Opera House on September 30.

The one-night show, entitled Vietnam Concert 2018, will combine different genres, including classical and pop, to entertain young audiences. The first part of the concert will consist of new works by conductor Luu Quang Minh, which he composed to express his deep gratitude to the former members of the orchestra. Minh was one of founders of the Maius Philharmonic Orchestra.

"I want to thank all the former members who were with the orchestra in its early days," said Minh. "I have helped the concert meet international standards. At the upcoming event, all artists including symphony musicians and pop singers will put on their best performances."

The second part will be cross-over classical music performed by Vietnamese and Korean artists such as boy bands Oplus and Zero9. There will be a performance by Zero9 with Korean pop singer Yeon Jun-burm.

The concert will also feature a performance by Korean soprano Kim So-hyang. The singer made her international breakthrough in 2014, when she became the first Korean artist to sing the American national anthem at a National Basketball Association game.

She has participated in popular Korean television shows such as I Am a Singer and Immortal Songs 2; where she won two trophies after participating five times, and is the singing voice in the Korean dubbed version of Disney’s Moana.

So-hyang is known for her emotive and powerful vocals due to her beautiful tone and control, and exceptional technique which she showcases throughout her career.

"The concert is a challenge for me because this is the first time I will perform with a Vietnamese orchestra. I know my songs are difficult to perform but there will be co-operation between Vietnamese and Korean music," said So-hyang at a press conference held in Hanoi this week.

The singer will perform several of her hits including Ariang Alone which she performed in Immortal Songs 2. All the songs will be conducted by Minh for the orchestra.

The Maius Philharmonic Orchestra is Vietnam’s first private symphony orchestra, founded in 2010 by conductor Minh and percussionist Nguyen Hung Cuong. Many orchestra members are also members of the Asian Youth Orchestra, Southeast Asia Youth Chamber Orchestra and Vietnam National Symphony and Orchestra.

The orchestra has performed at music events such as Monsoon Music Festival 2015 and with A-list pop singers Tuan Hung and Ha Anh Tuan. Last year, the Maius Philharmonic Orchestra performed in an open-air concert by London Symphony Orchestra at Ly Thai To Flower Garden.

Vietnam Concert 2018 will begin at 8pm. Ticket prices are from 800,000 VND (35 USD) to 3 million VND at box office No1 Trang Tien Street.-VNS/VNA

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