A host of business executives met a workshop in Mexico on December 6 to seek opportunities in emerging global economies, including Vietnam.

In his opening remarks, Manuel Sandoval, ProMexico Executive Director in charge of export projects, said he hopes that Mexican firms will be able to seek new pathways for their businesses in Vietnam.

Deputy Director of the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade’s Department of the American Market, Nguyen Hong Duong, informed delegates that Vietnam-Mexico trade has topped 1.2 billion USD in recent years.

Last year, Vietnam produced 44 million tonnes of rice – a key hard-currency earner, generating over 3.7 billion USD from exports. The country is now the second biggest rice exporter in the global rankings.

Mexican Rice Council (CMA) General Director Ricardo Mendoza Mondragon said Mexico has to import 90 percent of rice for domestic consumption, 75 percent of which is unhusked rice bought from the US.

He expressed hope to import rice from Vietnam or then produce the grains in the country if possible.

Duong answered questions regarding rice cultivation, harvest and preservation in Vietnam, including technological advances and insect control.

The Vietnamese delegation led by Duong also held working sessions with representatives of ProMexico and the National Service of Health, Food Safety and Quality Senasica. They visited several cultural and historic sites in Mexico ’s capital city.-VNA