Ministry adopts measures to boost sale of agricultural products

The Ministry of Industry and Trade is carrying out a number of measures to assist farmers in selling their products.

According to the Agency of Foreign Trade under the Ministry of Industry and Trade, farm produce export turnover reached 7.2 billion USD in the first three months of this year, up 19 percent compared to 2011. However, difficulties remain in the sale of some groups of commodities and at some specific times.

To deal with the problem, the Ministry has compiled a draft plan on shifting from unofficial and small-scale shipment to export through official channels.
The ministry also established a steering committee led by the Minister of Industry and Trade to solve the congestion of agricultural products at border gates.

In addition, the Ministry has worked closely with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to promote negotiations with China to increase the number of fruits exported via official channels in the future.

The ministry also collaborated with the Ministry of Transport to guide businesses to change delivery methods and take advantage of other forms of transport to avoid congestion at border gates./.