More space designed for folk culture experiences

The Luy Lau Folk Culture Conservation Area in the northern province of Bac Ninh is offering a series of free traditional art performances and folk culture learning experiences. Open on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays from this June, the area is expected to uphold the local cherished traditions while promoting its tourism.

The tunes of Quan Ho singing, the performances of water puppet shows and folk games.

A rich array of cultural experiences is being offered at the Luy Lau Folk Culture Conservation Area, creating a space for visitors, especially children, to learn and immense themselves in the traditional folk games.

Established in 2009 and nestled in the Dong Ngu village, Ngu Thai commune, Thuan Thanh district of Bac Ninh province, the Luy Lau Folk Culture Conservation Area spans across nearly 10,000 square meters.

It serves as a museum to the Northern culture, housing a variety of artifacts and traditional art forms spanning generations.

Visitors can stroll through various sections of this cultural house, including the Water Communal House, dedicated to showcasing the art of Dong Ngu water puppetry – the signature art performance of Bac Ninh province.

They can also enjoy traditional singing and drum performances, while experience Dong Ho folk painting and folk games themselves.

Efforts are still being made to build and complete more items in the Luy Lau Folk Culture Conservation Area. Now, the venue opens its doors to the public on weekends and holidays, offering free access to experience the Dong Ngu Water Puppet performances and other forms of folk culture./.