Drivers of "xe om" – or motorbike taxis – carrying passengers and goods and drivers of non-motorised vehicles will have to register with authorised agencies, according to a new draft regulation on the management and use of non-motorised vehicles and motorcycles in the capital city of Hanoi.

The draft regulation states that drivers of non-motorised vehicles must be at least 15 and strong enough to drive as well as have certain knowledge on road traffic regulations. They must register with local administration for work licences.

They are required to bring all necessary documents including vehicle registration certificates, business licences and papers to show that they are permanent residents or temporary residents while travelling on the road.

Drivers must have held driving licences granted by authorised agencies and are asked to hand back work licences to management agencies if they don’t work from over 30 days or submit a report which was certified by local police in case they lose the licences.

The new regulation will take effect on January, 1, 2021 once it is approved by the municipal People's Committee.-VNA