Myanmar President U Thein Sein has pledged to reinforce the centrality of ASEAN in the region, maintain and fortify ASEAN consensus and foster the group’s closer relations with its dialogue partners in 2014 when his country takes the Chair of the group.

In his message released on August 8 on the occasion of the 46th founding anniversary of ASEAN, the President underscored commitments to fostering the achievements obtained by the bloc to realise the building of an ASEAN Community by 2015 and ASEAN Vision beyond 2015.

U Thein Sein called on ASEAN member states to cooperate with each other while trying to develop individually, affirming that Myanmar is committed to making its greatest possible contributions to ASEAN by taking advantage of the position as a bridge between the group and its dialogue partners.

He pointed out that political, economic and social reforms in Myanmar have given the country more opportunities to boost its integration with others ASEAN members.

Furthermore, Myanmar’s efforts to implement plans towards an ASEAN community have had positive effects on its political, economic and social objectives.

He stressed the vital role of Myanmar people, their will and participation in building a modern and developed country and in achieving the goals of the ASEAN community.-VNA