The Thai National Reform Council (NRC) has agreed to focus on reducing inequalities in economy and people’s access to education and natural resources.

Anti-corruption is another important issue high in the council’s agenda, said NRC Chairman Prof. Thianchai Keeranant after the council’s seminar to brainstorm its reform mission that the NRC sought to reform Thailand in all areas, including economy, politics and education.

In terms of economy, the council will revise trade laws in a bid to decrease monopoly and create mechanisms which could increase farmers’ bargaining power. Taxes will be made fairer such as the inheritance tax, said he.

As for political reform, the NRC's attention is paid to decentralisation and fight against corruption, the chairman said, adding that the council will make sure that the legal system is fair to all and laws are enforced without discrimination.

Education will be developed so that all Thais have equal access to it.-VNA