Over half of SMEs suffer cyberattacks in the past year

According to a study by Cisco Secure, as many as 59 percent SMEs in Vietnam have been victims of cyberattacks in the past year, of which 86 percent lost customer information to malicious hackers.

The study is based on an independent survey of over 3,700 business and IT leaders across 14 markets in the Asia-Pacific, including 152 in Vietnam where businesses are fostering the digitalization of their operations in response to COVID-19.

Besides the loss of customer data, Vietnamese SMEs suffering cyber incident also lost employee data, financial information, and sensitive business information, among others. In addition, 61 percent admitted that cyberattacks have hurt their reputation.

Cisco’s study also found that while SMEs in Vietnam are worried about cyberattacks, they are taking steps to improve their cybersecurity./.