Oxfam Quebec, a non-governmental organisation of Canada, has helped local people in the bordering northernmost province of Ha Giang be aware of human trafficking and get involved in combating the crime through a five-month project.

The project, called “Community-based anti-human trafficking and safe migration”, was carried out in the communes of Lung Tao and Pho La, Dong Van district and Minh Tan and Thanh Thuy, Vi Xuyen district from November last year through March this year.

Bordering China, Ha Giang has six out of its 11 districts classified as extremely poor. Educational levels differ among ethnic groups. Many ethnic women are illiterate and vulnerable to trafficking.

Under the 960 million VND project, Oxfam worked with the Ha Giang Women’s Association to train local communicators with skills to deal with human traffickers and assist venerable people.

Motorbike taxi drivers, who might be directly or indirectly involved in human trafficking, in the two districts, were equipped with knowledge and skills to handle situational signs and elements of human trafficking cases.

Thousands of ethnic people in border communes of Dong Van and Vi Xuyen districts took part in a host of situational human trafficking prevention and combating exercises organised by the project.

Apart from these activities, the project has also provided financial support for the trafficked women to help them reintegrate into the community.

During the period, a club on anti-human trafficking was established in each of the four benefiting districts.

Le Thi Bich Hang, President of the Ha Giang Women’s Association, said the activities of the project have received enthusiastic response from departments, branches, localities and ethnic women.

She pledged that the operation and achievements of Oxfam Quebec-launched models will be maintained and multiplied across the province in a bid to put an end to the crime.-VNA