The Ha Tinh Police’s investigation division arrested two men, both from the Republic of Korea, on May 19 as part of an investigation into a fatal scaffolding collapse on March 25.

The accident at the Formosa steel complex construction site in the central province of Ha Tinh killed 13 people and injured 29 others.

More than 40 workers were building concrete blocks as part of a seawall project when the accident took place.

Kim Jong Wook, 43, and Lee Jae Myeong, 62, have been accused of violating labour safety regulations leading to the collapse.

The initial investigation revealed that Kim, site commander, climbed onto the scaffolding to examine it and despite noticing problems, did not halt operations.

Lee was the director in charge of workers on the scaffolding when it shook violently, prompting workers to flee.

The workers then reported the problem to Lee, who checked the structure but ordered the work to continue nonetheless.-VNA