Portraits, life of Hanoi on display hinh anh 1Portrait of Associate Professor Van Nhu Cuong, a renowned educator, taken by Bui Van Son won the top prize.

Faces smiling radiantly and beautiful moments in ordinary life at a dynamic capital inspired visitors who visited an exhibition titled ‘Hanoi's Portraits' held at Exhibition House, 45 Trang Tien Street, in Hanoi on October 8-12.

The exhibition was a result of an annual photo contest launched early this year by the Hanoi Association of Photographic Artists.

The organising board received nearly 1,500 entries sent by photographers nationwide. Beside awarded photos, another 150 excellent photos were selected to be displayed at the exhibition.

"The displayed photos capture beautiful moments in the life of Hanoi's people," Dang Dinh An, head of the jury board said.

"The photos reflect truthfully the society in different fields such as production, work, study, artistic, cultural and sports activities, and festivals. They also portray Hanoi's people in different ages and classes of the society, such as students, police officers, artists, and workers, in addition to craftsmen, vendors and the disabled," An explained.

"Portrait is a different kind of photography as it requires a photographer to catch the right moment to describe the beauty of the character," An said, adding, "I realise that portrait photos sent to the contest are of the best quality ever."

An remarked that the portrait of renowned educator Van Nhu Cuong, taken by Bui Van Son, expressed Cuong's intelligence, determination and modesty. The black-and-white photo was taken successfully with the afternoon's light creating especially impressive effect for the photo.-VNA