Cambodian authorities have handed over two Thai nationals to Thailand over their alleged involvement in a bomb attack in Bangkok last month, according to a statement released by Cambodia ’s Foreign Ministry.

Long Visalo, the Secretary of State at Cambodia’s Foreign Ministry handed the pair over to a representative from the Thai Embassy at the Phnom Penh International Airport on July 5 and Thailand has subsequently expressed their thanks to the Cambodian government.

The two suspects, a man identified as Boonplod Kobchai and a woman called Boonsom Varissareeya, were allegedly involved in the 22 June attack on the headquarters of the Bhumjai Thai Party, part of Thailand’s governmental coalition. They were arrested by the Cambodian authorities in Siem Reap province on July 3.

The statement also said that the Cambodian government had arrested and sent the two terrorists back to Thailand without any request from the Thai government.

This shows that the Cambodian government will not tolerate terrorism regardless where the crimes were committed, it said.

The “Phnom Penh Post” newspaper quoted the Director of the Cambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace Vhheang Vannarith, as saying that this development shows that the two countries’ relationship may grow stronger in the near future.

Cambodia has show its flexibility in bilateral relations with Thailand , he said, adding that there could be positive developments in the two countries’ relationship after this sign of goodwill./.