Preserving traditional costumes of Thai women

The Black Thai ethnic minority group in Tram Tau district in northern mountainous Yen Bai province not only has captivating dances but also traditional costumes imbued with the unique beauty and bearing special artistic as well as historical values. The costumes have been preserved and passed down through the generations.

The traditional costume of Thai women in Tram Tau district includes a dress, a shirt, a belt, a piêu scarf, and jewellery.

From an early age, Thai girls are taught by their mothers and grandmothers how to sew dresses and how to wear and wrap the waistband.

Today, dresses and tops are made in modern designs and colours but with no loss of cultural identity.

The Thai ethnic minority group accounts for 13 percent of the population in Tram Tau district. With diligence and rich imagination, local Thai women have created their own works of art, reflected in the patterns of their dresses.

The traditional costumes of Thai women in Tram Tau are closely associated with the material life and spiritual culture of the group. The preservation and promotion of the traditional costumes are always of concern and given attention by local people./.