President Ho Chi Minh in the hearts of international friends

Late President Ho Chi Minh was not only a beloved leader of the Vietnamese people, but his life and career also left good impressions on many international friends and won their hearts.

Bang Hyeon Seok, a creative writing professor at Chung-Ang University in the Republic of Korea, has visited Vietnam some 100 times during his research on President Ho Chi Minh since the 1990s. During his research, the writer had a deep understanding of the Vietnamese leader, without which, as he admitted, it is very difficult to exactly capture related social context and people when studying Vietnam’s history.

According to the professor Bang, President Ho Chi Minh has impressive thoughts on peace and he sought righteous peace for people worldwide. For the future development, he had a good preparation by sending youth overseas for education despite war-inflicted difficulties at home.

Indian journalist Sandip Hor, Vice President of the Foreign Correspondents’ Association in Australia, said he has a deep impression on President Ho Chi Minh, and he always wants to gain better understanding of Vietnam’s history and the late president.

The journalist remembered those posters were the first images of Ho Chi Minh that he knew. And since then, the great leader of Vietnam has been the one he always admires.

Hellmut Kapfenberger, former reporter for AND news agency of the German Democratic Republic, used to live in Vietnam for 7 years in the 1970s. Although he had never met Uncle Ho, his impression on the late President was so good.

Kapfenberger is also the author of many books on Vietnamese history and on President Ho Chi Minh. Prominent among them are a book titled "Ho Chi Minh - A Chronicle" published in 2009, and another titled “Political biography of Ho Chi Minh". For the author, the life of President Ho Chi Minh has left various precious lessons./.