President Truong Tan Sang delivered his New Year congratulatory message via a live broadcast as it struck midnight on Lunar New Year’s Eve on January 30, conveying his hope for a country of peace and prosperity with its people living in happiness.

Acknowledging the concerted efforts of the entire Party, people and armed forces that have brought about positive gains in 2013, a year full of challenges, President Sang said the national construction and defence requires a strong will, united actions and a spirit of vigorous, widespread and seamless renewal.

The President stressed that though the country will still face a lot of obstacles in 2014, achievements during the renewal process are always a great encouragement for the Vietnamese people on their path to a brighter future.

“It is our heartfelt aspiration to work and make due contributions, living up to the expectations of ancestors and the glorious history of the nation, and for the sake of future generations”, he said.

“I call on compatriots, comrades and soldiers across the country to uphold solidarity, mobilise mind and strength, brainpower and talent to step up the renewal cause, practise democracy on a large scale with progressive jurisdiction ideals to carry the country forward,” the President said.

He extended best wishes to all people, comrades and soldiers at home and abroad, and international friends on the occasion of the Lunar New Year.

On behalf of compatriots nationwide, President Sang also conveyed his deep sentiment to officials and cadres who are on duty in border and island areas.-VNA