Protecting coastal coral reefs in Quy Nhon

Climate change, tourism development, and excessive maritime exploitation have negatively affected coral reefs in some coastal areas of Quy Nhon city in Binh Dinh province. The city last year assigned four community-based organisations to co-manage and protect the coral reefs.

Bai Dua Beach in Nhon Ly commune, Quy Nhon city has diverse and rich coral reefs stretching over an area of more than 8 hectares and in need of strict protection.

Protection work was assigned to a local aquatic resources protection team last year, which has monitored fishing and tourism activities to ensure they do not affect the reefs.

In addition to the coral reefs at Bai Dua Beach, dozens of hectares of other reefs nearby have also been assigned to the local aquatic protection team.

Joining the aquatic resource protection teams, the Center for Marine Life Conservation and Community Development has cooperated with the Binh Dinh Fisheries Association and authorities to regularly organise monitoring trips to assess the status of the coral reefs in order to introduce better protection solutions.

Assigning the right to co-manage and protect aquatic resources to local communities is one of the new points in the Fisheries Law 2017 to raise people’s awareness of and responsibility for protecting aquatic resources. This task has become more meaningful and practical as it brings many benefits to those living in coastal areas./.