Central Quang Nam province will request ministries and sectors to offer special preferences for projects with over 500 million USD investment capital and key socio-economic projects in Chu Lai Open Economic Zone.

This step is in accordance with a new decision taken on offering preferential policies and support for new projects in the economic zone.

The province will also offer tax exemption on land use for special projects, including university dormitories, housing for workers and public works in the fields of education, health care, culture, and sport.

Businesses that have invested in high-tech will enjoy a preferential tax of 10 percent in the initial 15 years of the project.

Comprising 24 communes and five industrial parks spreading across 3,500 hectares, Chu Lai has been chosen as one of the five key economic zones to be prioritised in the 2013-15 period. Developments in the zone have created jobs for about 50,000 workers in the locality.

According to statistics, the Chu Lai Open Economic Zone has so far attracted more than 90 projects with a total registered investment of nearly 1.7 billion USD, two-thirds of which have become operational.-VNA