Quang Nam’s tourism going green

The central province of Quang Nam is speeding up efforts to “green” its tourism sector and contribute to developing it into an economic spearhead that is sustainable and friendly on the environment.

The owner of villa accommodation in Hoi An ancient town, Pham Thi Linh Chi has directed her staff to recycle and raised their awareness about the significance of reducing plastic waste. Her efforts have paid off, since not only her staff but also the guests have become more responsible in taking caring of the environment. 

Our guests are enthusiastic about joining our activities to protect the environment. This is a green tourism model that we are trying to develop.

Joining the efforts of local authorities, many restaurants have shifted to rice straws and paper cups, while homestay, villa, and hostel owners have paid due regard to kitchen waste being turned into bio fertiliser.   

Many local travel companies have introduced green tourism and responsible tourism products. At least 70-100 companies are expected to secure green-tourism branding by 2025.

Although green tourism is a new concept in Vietnam, Quang Nam sees that such models must contribute to sustainable development and the protection of cultural and historical values as well as natural landscapes./.