Rare Buddhist tower in Nghe An at risk of complete collapse hinh anh 1The tower in Nghe An (Photo: Internet)
Nghe An (VNS/VNA) - A rare Buddhist tower in the central province of Nghe An is on the verge of collapse if no renovation work is carried out.

The tower stands 22m tall like a sword pointing to the sky in Yen Hoa village, My Ly commune, Ky Son district.

The tower includes two parts, the foundation and body of the tower, which is a square brick pillar measuring 5m each side.

Its peak consists of various storeys. The tower is covered with moss and grass.

Beside it stands a Bodhi tree, as high as the tower. Locals built a small temple beside the tree and placed two statues of Buddha measuring some 15cm high. There are some statues inside the tower that are bigger.

According to some researchers, the tower was built by Theravada Buddhist monks, who moved from Thailand to Laos and into Vietnam in the 7th century.

The tower now is seriously degraded. Local authorities have installed warning signs for locals and tourists. They have also asked concerned agencies to renovate the tower.

Yet there has been no repairs as yet.

Kha Van Nghe, 55, a local resident, said when he was small he saw many Buddha statues around the tower.

Since 1970 many statues have been robbed, he said.

Some people even broke in the tower to take statues and ancient objects away,” he said.

Luong Van Bay, chairman of the commune's People's Committee, said though the tower is situated in a fairly remote area and is dilapidated, the tower has still attracted visitors.

“Every month, residents still burn incense and bring offerings to the tower and temple,” he said.

"We hope concerned agencies will soon renovate the ancient tower,” Bay said./.