A riot in an ethnic neighbourhood in Singapore known for its Indian culture erupted in the evening of December 8 after a private bus hit a 33-year-old Indian national in a fatal accident.

Police officials said some 400 people were involved in the rare outbreak of public disorder in the Little India area, adding that 27 South Asian workers had been arrested on rioting charges.

The police also noted that five police vehicles and one ambulance were damaged in the riot, a disturbance rarely seen in Singapore over the past four decades.

As many as 300 police officers were sent to the scene, quickly taking control of the situation without firing a single shot.

According to police and local media reports, about 18 people were injured, including 10 police officers.

Deputy Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister Teo Chee Hean said the government would deal with the incident firmly and according to the law, urging the public to stay calm.-VNA