The Republic of Korea (RoK) still requires a large number of Vietnamese guest labourers despite some minor labour issues, the Vietnamese envoy to that country has said.

The Vietnamese ambassador in Seoul , Tran Trong Toan, said around 15,000 Vietnamese workers went to RoK this year, representing 32 percent of all expatriate labour in the country.

"These figures show that the RoK needs Vietnamese guest workers who are considered hard-working, sharp-witted, and quick learners.
"RoK remains one of the biggest markets for Vietnamese guest labour."

RoK has a minimum wage of 900,000 won, or 900 USD, per month while Vietnamese workers can earn 1,000-1,500 USD and sailors, 1,600-1,800 USD.

The Korean Government assesses the country's economic growth annually and then decides the number of workers needed. It allocates quotas to 16 countries that routinely send workers.
Vietnam used to get a third of the total number.

"The figures show the strategic relations between the two countries and at the same time indicate Vietnamese workers' competence," Toan said.

The Vietnamese Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs and the embassy in Seoul have drafted plans to reduce the number of Vietnamese workers illegally staying back.

According to figures from the embassy, around 116,800 Vietnamese live in RoK, including 66,000 workers, 45,000 who are married to Koreans, and 5,000 students./.