The week ending on July 5 was Singapore’s worst ever for dengue infections with 898 cases reported, 56 higher than the previous worst week in June last year.

A statement issued on July 8 by the National Environment Agency (NEA) added that last week’s figure was a sharp rise from the 674 reported cases from the previous week.

By July 7, there had been a total of 9,697 reported cases of dengue with DENV-1, the strain of virus that caused the 2013 epidemic, accounting for almost 90 percent of infections.

The agency expects the number of cases to rise during the peak dengue season, lasting from June to October.

The NEA, other Government agencies and all town councils will continue to conduct daily checks for breeding habitats in public areas and housing estates.

So far this year, more than 1.5 million inspections have been carried out and 476 notices to attend court and 49 stop-work orders to constructors at sites where mosquitoes bred have been issued.-VNA